Finding Out: The Story from March

Saturday, August 18, 2007
Here's a picture of my positive pregnancy test from March. It was March 30th, and we were on Orcas Island vacationing after a stressful term of Anatomy & Physiology. My period was about a week late by my calculations, so finally one morning I went into Eastsound to get a latte & check my e-mail at an internet cafe. While checking my e-mail, I couldn't shake the feeling that my period is never late, and that I should take a test just to make sure. On my way back to our cabin, I stopped in Eastsound at a grocery store, and purchased a pregnancy test. I went back to the produce department to use their public restroom & took the test, which instantly turned positive. I was in complete shock, but incredibly happy as well. Driving back to our cabin, I must have pulled over at least twice just to make sure it really was positive. It didn't take long before I told Landon. Keeping that kind of news inside is very difficult! I just sat down and said, "Landon, we're going to have another baby." He had to lay down for a few minutes, but was excited and happy as well. I won't name the baby Orcas Isla since we found out on Orcas Island, but it will always be a special place to us now. I figured at the time that I was between four and five weeks pregnant, but I was actually nearly 7 weeks pregnant when I found out. This was a surprise pregnancy, and by ultrasound calculations, it looks like I conceived quite early in my cycle--probably around day 10 or 11. I've charted for years, and have always ovulated around day 18 of my cycle with a 10 day luteal phase, making my cycles about 28 days. Going by this data, I assumed by the 34th day of my cycle (when I took the test), that I was nearly 5 weeks pregnant, but due to an early ovulation, I was actually 7 weeks pregnant at the time.

(About today--we went to the Multnomah Days Parade w/ our neighbors. It was fun, but Samuel had way too much candy!)
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Annagrace said...

That's funny--Orcas Island is one of our very favorite places. We stayed there for a week when we were first dating and had such a good time that we honeymooned there almost exactly 4 years ago and then we went back a couple years later. We've stayed in Olga, right on the water, each time. And I LOVE the bookstore (Darvill's) in Eastsound

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