Farmer's Market

Sunday, August 12, 2007

We checked out the Hillsdale Farmer's Market this morning. Our neighbor stopped by at 10am w/ his kids to see Samuel. They were on their way up there, so after finishing up a few morning chores, we headed up there as well. We didn't stay long. I came home & read for awhile...Landon took Samuel to OMSI, we took naps, and now Landon is riding his bike (pulling Samuel in the Burley) to a blackberry patch to pick berries. After dinner tonight, I'm thinking about heading to a coffee shop to make some progress with this latest novel I'm reading for book-club, Midaq Alley by Naquib Mahfouz. I'm not really enjoying it, so am eager to finish it so I can read something else.
P.S. The above picture was taken a few weeks ago while on the Mt. Hood Railroad Train for one of their two hour express rides.


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