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Friday, August 10, 2007

Today we took Samuel down to the Enchanted Forest south of Salem, OR. This is a great little family-owned amusement park, and has been maintained over the years with care. Afterwards, there was a wreck on I-5, so it took us nearly two hours to get home. In the evening, we headed to Dickinson Park, which is located just a couple of blocks from our old house, for a movie, which was "The Wizard of Oz." It started around 9pm, and since it was a little chilly, we were all cozy on the ground wrapped up with blankets. This is a wonderful new program that Portland Parks has organized, and was a lot of fun. They serve free popcorn for everyone, and there were even "door" prizes. We plan to go to a few more before the end of the summer. Here is a link to the schedule.
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Anonymous said...

I bet he had so much fun! I was suppose to go there with Kaenan on Friday but he spent the night at Aunt Tracy's instead!

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