Drape Project--Complete!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yeah, drapes are here! I went out last night & got the drapes I've been looking for since July. There is so much out there, and it took time to learn about window treatments & hardware, then to narrow it down to what I wanted. I went with panels. Roman shades didn't work, because it blocked about 4 inches from the top of the window w/ the hardware hanging down. Plus, I thought it looked drab & basically like burlap sacks hanging from the window. Anyway, I went with panels. I got a cafe curtain at Target today w/ a small rod for my walk-in closet/ office window, which I hung from the top of the window so the bottom just touches the bottom sill. I did not buy the valance w/ the cafe curtain, so it just looks like a small curtain made just for that window. For this window, I mounted the hardware 5 1/2 inches wider than the window frame so that when the cafe curtains are parted, they hang just outside the frame, allowing me a view of the entire window during the day. For our double windows in our room, I bought red Twill curtains @ Pottery Barn, and will be able to use our original curtain rod, because I decided against buying double rods for the benefit of adding sheers. It would be nice, but not so nice that it was worth the extra expense, and when I really thought about it, I couldn't think of too many times during the day that I prefer filtered light, especially in our bedroom, which faces north. I think sheers would be good in a living room and/or dining room. Samuel has new curtains for his room as well. We'll mount those tonight. He has the blue corduroy panels (don't have the link for this one, because they aren't shown online) from Pottery Barn Kids. Since his room faces south, sheers would probably be good in there, but again, not worth the added expense of buying the double add-on kits. The hardware can really add up, and the rods we have our antique-looking & I'd like to keep them if possible. I still need to decide on whether or not to use hold-backs. If the hardware is mounted outside the window frame, it not only creates the illusion of the window being larger than it is, but allows for enough room for curtains to hang w/out hold-backs. So, I'm waiting on those to see how it all turns out. I also got a beautiful rug from Pottery Barn Home that was on sale. It was the last of that rug, and I got it for nearly 1/2 off. It's a 3x5, and goes by our bed. It has lots of red & the sage & silver colors that our room is painted, so it matches perfectly. Last, but not least, I'll get new bedding, then a mirror & a few pictures for the wall. Anyway, this project is nearing an end, finally! I'm really happy so far w/ the results, but it has taken a lot of time to really be sure of what I wanted & to narrow it down. Stay tuned for pictures! Our camera is in the shop, and will be fixed within two weeks.
P.S. Above picture: Samuel swimming at Jamison Sq. in NW.


Jeremy said...

I can't wait to see pictures! Window coverings are so hard for me. I finally have drapes up in our family/dining room. It just takes so long to find the right ones.

I'm glad this project is coming to together. Your room will be perfect when you meet your little girl!

Amy said...

Oooooohhhh...can't wait to see it!

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