6 Months Pregnant

Thursday, August 09, 2007
I can hardly believe that I'm already 6 months pregnant today! Onto month seven! The calendar shows there are only 3 months, 20 days left until her due date (give or take 2 weeks). I'm off right now to get Samuel a new toy--an "animal farm," as he calls it--probably the Fisher-Price Little People Farm. He's excited! Can't wait for Landon to get home tonight...we miss him when he's away!
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Annagrace said...

Congrats on being this far along! Every time I start to complain about the cool summer we're having I think of you and how if I was pregnant I would be prefer this...

Maybe we can hang out again next week?

Amy said...

6 months....yipee!!! Seems like just yesterday you emailed me and told me you were 5 weeks pregnant!

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