Too Hot

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It hit 102 degrees in Portland today. Thank goodness we have a window a/c in Samuel's bedroom at least! I can't very well spend all day in there, but do go in there for relief from time to time. Our house got pretty hot! At one point this evening, it was hotter in our house than it was outside as it began to cool off a bit. Supposed to hit 97 tomorrow, so doubt that it will cool off too much tonight.

It was a sad evening...Samuel got stung by a bumblebee for the first time. He has been fascinated by bees for awhile, and although we've told him many times to only look, tonight he reached out and tried to pick one up from a flower on my ice plant. He was stung on his thumb. I was surprised, but there was minimal swelling, and although he screamed for about 15 minutes, he soon stated, "Samuel happy, finger not hurt anymore." I dread these events as a mother, but some of them have been pretty uneventful. Like weaning, for day, I just stopped nursing Samuel, and he never asked to nurse again. The day I weaned him came and went, and I had spent months worrying about the transition. Now we made it through his first bee-sting.

Tomorrow is our anatomy ultrasound! It was originally scheduled for Thursday morning, but my sister, who is a nurse @ the hospital at which I've scheduled the ultrasound got me hooked up w/ a sonographer that will use their 4-D machine and make a CD of the ultrasound for us. I'm looking forward to seeing the baby again, and just hope everything has been developing normally! All I can hope for is another healthy baby! Look for pictures of the ultrasound by tomorrow evening. I'll also try to post a clip from the CD if I can.



Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that Samuel got stung!!
I'm glad he called and told me though!!

Life is hard for Mom's sometimes!!

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