Restoration Hardware Meltdown

Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Recently, we bought a set of blue towels from RH for our bathroom, but after washing them, they had spots where the color completely washed out. No one had explained to me when I purchased them that RH does not use formaldehyde on their towels to set the color, so you have to set the color yourself by soaking them in vinegar & also be extremely careful not to use certain bathroom products like anti-bacterial soap which might fade the color as well. Anyway, these towels all had to be returned, and this time I opted for white ones so I don't have to mess with the color setting.

As soon as I walked into the store, Samuel tried to unzip his rain jacket (yes, it was raining today in Portland IN JULY!), and it got caught, so in frustration, he threw himself on the floor and started screaming and kicking his feet. Meanwhile, the RH employee couldn't figure out how to do the return, so the poor customers in line had to listen to my two year old throw his two year old tantrum while I stood at the counter probably looking to everyone around me like an incompetent mother. As the time went on and his tantrum only increased, I could see another employee plugging one of her ears so she could hear on the phone, and the employee that was assisting me was getting stressed out. I finally tried for a third time to rationalize with an irrational two year old. Finally, I was able to bribe him with a promise to go to Starbucks after if he could show me how he could be a good boy. He immediately dried his tears and sat on a nearby couch until it was time to go.

Soon, I was headed out the door with a bag full of fresh white towels and we headed for Starbucks. I have to admit that I feel a little guilty treating him to a chocolate milk after the way he behaved, but a promise is a promise, and from his perspective, I'm sure it was completely rational to let out that much emotion over a zipper. From my perspective, it's errands like these that zap all my energy that leave me wondering what my life will be like with two babies instead of one! I try not to picture what the scene this morning in RH might have looked like had I been also holding a newborn in my arms! Now those are some scary thoughts!



Anonymous said...

You ARE very capable!! You will do fine!! I had 4 girls in 4 1/2 yrs. and You are a much better Mother than I !!! It will be fine and the older Samuel gets - the more he will entertain the baby!
Everyone goes through what you went through today!! Believe me!! And I agree~~ it MOST assuridly sucks your energy!!! Remember to take some breaks for yourself!!
Love Mom

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