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Tuesday, July 03, 2007
Was on my way to Benjamin-Moore this morning to get some paint samples when Samuel threw up over and over in the car. My guess is that he drank too much juice at once, and it made him throw up. Trip to Ben-Moore was then aborted, and I ran home, got him out of the car, and started disassembling his Britax seat to get the cover off and into the wash. Seemed like there was throw up everwhere I looked in the car. Eventually, Samuel was in the tub, and the cover was in the wash, so I worked on getting Samuel clean. No sooner had he been out of the tub & dried, but he wanted to go pee in his Bjorn seat, so I let him, then in my clumsiness, I accidently spilled all the pee behind the toilet. I told Samuel to go upstairs, but once I got up there, I found him peeing all over his bed! So, not only do I have a TON of laundry to do, but my day is now officially over. By the time I get his cover washed & dried, it will be time for his nap. Also, I totally overdid it yesterday, and I'm exhausted today! It seems like it took all the energy I had this morning just to get out the door, only to have to deal with throw-up and pee. It's days like this that I wonder what I've gotten myself into here. The Britax is still out in the driveway & needs to be hosed off. Ugghh! --Karli


Annagrace said...

Ugh is right. I'm sorry it's been such a tough day...

Amy said...

Oh that stinks! I have had many of those days. We all got hit with a stomach bug a couple of weeks ago and it felt like the laundry was never ending!

The Ferriter Family said...

Oh Lord can I relate, Parker is always getting car sick. The cover of his car seat has been washed so many times! Hope you have a better day around the corner!

Mom said...

Memories~~~~racing through the cobwebs of my mind!!
Sorry I don't live closer to help out once in awhile.

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