Saturday, July 21, 2007
We were able to get passes to IKEA for their family/friends of employees day (the new Portland store opens on Wed. the 25th). We got a play table and easel for Samuel, 2 child-bed frames (one for Samuel, and one for our new baby when she is older) and an 8-drawer dresser for our room. I was really exhausted after getting home. We were there for about four hours shopping, and by the time I got home, I wanted to drop into bed. As it was, it was only 3 in the afternoon, but by the time I did go to bed, I slept for twelve hours without getting up once. IKEA is going to be really crowded for awhile, but I definitely recommend checking out a store near you if you can!



Amy said...

IKEA is great! Good thing ours is an hour away....I don't have easy access!

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