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Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm 20 weeks pregnant today! Very excited about our baby girl. Yesterday, she measured right on for 20 weeks, so looks like November 29th is still the official due date. Her heartbeat was 150 yesterday, which is definitely higher than Samuel's was, and falls in line with the old tale of heartbeats above 140 = girls, below 140 = boys. Samuel's was always between 130 and 145.

Also, the Chinese calendar shows girls in the month of November this year for women who were 30 at conception. Of course, the Chinese calendar showed that Samuel should have been a girl, too, so don't get me wrong--I don't place any weight on these things.

What a healthy baby girl we have on the way! The placenta is posterior and high, so no worries about placenta previa for the home birth, and the MD that came in at the end of the scan said that ultrasounds don't get any healthier-looking than ours.

Anyway, I've been feeling great lately, although the heat has zapped most of my energy! I'm glad today has remained in the 80's! With my first pregnancy, I experienced gallbladder disease, surgery, then recovery during weeks 18-28 of my pregnancy. So, there went my 2nd trimester! This time around, I'm enjoying a relatively symptom-free 2nd trimester. I have been making sure I drink plenty of water, which has helped to keep headaches at bay, and haven't experienced insomnia in weeks. The baby is pretty active these days. I now know when she is awake or asleep. She seems sensitive to sound, so will start an active phase during the night if she hears Samuel wake up or if I get up to get some water or food. Like my pregnancy with Samuel, I have been waking up around 4am from the baby moving and usually drift back off around 4:30 or 5am. Interestingly enough, Samuel routinely woke at 4am after birth, and that was always his active time in the 3rd trimester. This baby seems to be following the same sleep cycle.

Had a fun little visit this morning with Andrea and Ian. Samuel and Ian are only 4 days apart, and it was so interesting to see how similar they are in behavior. After they got to know each other, they had lots of fun playing like little boys do. It was great chatting with Andrea, who had a birth experience similar to what I'm hoping for in November. Thanks for a great morning, Andrea!


Anonymous said...

I am so excited about our little girl!!! Don't get me wrong~~I love Samuel to death but am excited to have a little girl!!!
Your are very discriptive about how you feel and what is going on!
Thanks for sharing with me!!
Dad is excited!!
Love you,

Amy said...

20 weeks! Yay...you are halfway there!!! You look great! :)

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