Thursday, July 05, 2007
I was able to get to Ben-Moore today to pick up the Prescott Green sample that I've heard so much about and put it on the wall. Although I love this color and agree it is beautiful, it isn't quite right for our room. It's just a little too dark, and we need something that will work for the walls, sloped ceilings, and ceiling. Something too dark draws the walls in, and I'm looking for a color that will recede the walls. I'm happy to say that I've FINALLY narrowed the search down. After trying samples from every retailer in Portland, I've decided to go with Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage Collection
I'm using the Pale Silver for the whole room, except for the accent wall, which will be Silver Sage.
Once we get the room painted, I'll select drapes, bedding, and a rug. I also need to get a dresser for our room so we can use Landon's childhood dresser for Samuel, and Samuel's dresser for the new baby. So, lots for me to work on in my spare time over the next few months. It should be easy to select the bedding & drapes, though, because RH's paint line matches their linens. I've heard RH is one of the best places to buy linens, and that's what we plan to do. I will feel so much better once we start making headway on this project! One of the main reasons I wanted to redo our bedroom now is that I'll be giving birth @ home, and wanted a restful place to do so. Also, our room has been in dire need of a makeover since forever!


Betsy said...

Joel's cousin has RH linens in their room and they are to DIE for. Well worth the money you'll be spending on them! When we get our new bed we're going to look there.

Amy said...

I didn't know you were giving birth at home! How exciting! You are one brave woman! I have a friend that has lots of stuff from RH and everything is gorgeous...and good quality. Can't wait to see a picture of the finished room!

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