Shades of Green

Wednesday, June 13, 2007
I'm losing my mind amidst shades of green tonight! Our bedroom looks like a kaleidescope with all the samples I've been putting up. I've been to Lowe's for Martha Stewart, Benjamin Moore for their Prescott Green, Restoration Hardware for their Pale Silver and Silver Sage, Miller Paint for their Devine, and am now contemplating turning to yet another paint store for more options. When it comes to green, it has to be just right. Because it is a small room with sloped ceilings, the color extends to the ceiling, so going too dark makes the room feel cramped and clausterphobic. I don't want a green that is too blue or too mossy. Or too yellow! Where is that perfect shade of green that I'm looking for? Help!


***Follow Up***
I ended up going with Restoration Hardware's Pale Silver, accented with their Silver Sage. It worked beautifully for our small bedroom, with slanted ceilings. Here's a picture of the room. I accented the room with Pottery Barn red curtains & quilt. E-mail me at karli at hevanet dot com for more information on green paint.


Jeremy said...

The perfect green paint is so hard to find! My kitchen is green and while I love it during the day and with the sun shining on it, I don't like it very well at night.

Good luck in your searching! I love it when I finally find 'the' color and it's starts going on the wall. It's so refreshing.


Beetles and Bees said...

Hey Andrea, That is one problem I'm having with the light silver from RH. I love it in the evening, but not so much during the day. Sounds like the opposite problem with the green in your kitchen. I just put up another sample today that might work as an accent color. The search goes on...

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