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Saturday, June 23, 2007
Today we got off to a late start. Everyone slept in until about 9 or 9:30am, and we didn't get on the road until 10:30am. We were going to start off at the Oakland Farmer's Market, but parking was a nightmare, so Mike, Susan, Landon, Samuel, Aidan, and I all decided to skip the market and head down to the city. Unfortunately, we didn't plan ahead, so we arrived at Golden Gate Park w/out snacks and water. Originally, we were going to BART down, which would have dropped us off downtown, and I had planned to buy stuff there. But, when we decided to drive, we bypassed all the shopping areas, and ended up going to the park w/out any food/water. So, we left the park w/in 30 minutes in search of a grocery store or lunch. Mike thought we should have lunch at his old favorite restaurant, The Cliff House, which overlooks the ocean and the ruins of an old bath house, and since everyone was hungry, we decided to go straight there. Unfortunately, the restaurant had been completely remodeled since the 70's, and appetizers started at 25.00, entrees were way more. A parking attendant suggested we head down the hill to the building w/ the red roof which had affordable food. But, no such luck--this place was still over 20.00 a plate. No one wanted to spend that much on lunch, and by now everyone was getting cranky, I was fighting a migraine, and we were all pretty hungry. We finally found a pizza place in a main drag, but by now it was after 2pm. We had to be back for dinner at Larry & Heather's by 5pm, and we had to pick up Janssen (Landon's brother) in the city somewhere on our way home. So, we ended up parking and going for a walk on Telegraph Hill and seeing some of the wild parrots there. It was beautiful, but I couldn't shake the headache, and I was pretty tired from the whole excursion. Group travels just don't turn out the same way it does when you're just by yourselves. When Landon and I go, we usually BART downtown, get coffee, breakfast, walk around, wander up into neighborhoods, or hang out down on the Pier and visit some of the attractions there. Anyway, this trip to San Francisco was definitely interesting, but not really what I expected!

By the time we got to Larry & Heather's, Samuel was pretty tired, and my headache was getting worse. Everyone headed down to the pool before dinner. Samuel and I were on our way, but he had a complete melt-down, so I took him back to their house to try and lay down before dinner for a nap. When I got back to the house, Samuel started going diarrhea, and went through the only two diapers I had with me and all the wet-ones. My headache was pounding, and Samuel would not go to sleep! I tried to get a hold of Landon, who was at the pool, but he wasn't answering his cell, so at this point, I started crying. I didn't even feel up to doing dinner. Finally, I got a hold of Landon, and he drove me down the hill to get all the supplies I needed for myself and Samuel. Within another hour, I was feeling much better, had consumed a 36 ounce bottle of Gatorade, which really helped my dehydration from our day in the city, and my headache got much better. Samuel's outfit was washed & dried from his earlier blow-outs, he had snacks, clean diapers & wet-ones, and was happily watching cartoons with Aidan. We had a delicious salmon and rice salad dinner with mango and strawberries over shortcakes and vanilla ice cream. I met Landon's uncle (his mother's oldest brother), who came for the weekend with his daughter Jennifer. They live in Maine, and I only briefly met them at our wedding five years ago. It was nice to meet them once again, and the evening turned out pleasantly, despite the earlier mishaps. I was never so glad to lay my head down to sleep tonight! It was a long day...Landon and I had the whole lower level of Marylou's colonial house, which is basically a guest suite with a living area, bedroom, pull-out futon, and bathroom. It's very nice, and equivalent to staying in a 4-star. Landon let me have the futon in the living area, and he and Samuel slept in the bedroom. It was nice to stretch out and have the bed to myself. I slept very soundly! When I woke up, my headache was gone. No more trips w/out water for the ride!


Anonymous said...

So nice to have accomadations like that with being pregnant and having Samuel!!
I am so sorry you had to deal with the migraines. I have had them for the last 20 years and I can difinately relate to you -- pregnant and not!!!

Love you,
Wish I would of been there to help you out with Samuel!

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