Robby and Sara's Wedding

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Long day when you're a bridesmaid in a wedding and pregnant! I actually almost vomited during pictures. It might have been a combination of not eating enough and the bright, hot lights pointing on the wedding party on the church stage. I also got a sudden wave of nausea during the ceremony, and had to sit down on the front row during the closing prayer. No one noticed, though, since their eyes were closed for the prayer, and I was back up on stage before anyone knew the difference, and we exited shortly thereafter. Above are some pictures of the wedding. Congratulations, Robby & Sara! --Karli


Amy said...

You look beautiful....I'm glad to hear your dress worked out! It looks great!

Annagrace said...

Oh my goodness--Samuel in the shirt and tie...too cute! And you don't even look pregnant :)

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