Rachel's 90th Birthday

Sunday, June 24, 2007
After yesterday, Landon and I decided to stick around Marylou's until Rachel's party @ 3PM. We headed down at some point to pick up some Starbucks, but other than that, we stayed home all day. Marylou has a play-structure in her backyard, so Samuel and Aidan played on that. I laid down for a quick nap around 11am, then Samuel went down for his nap at noon, and Landon and I spent a couple of hours reading. It was a nice, relaxing morning and early afternoon.

Just as Rachel was arriving for her party, Samuel started gagging, then threw up his lunch. Convinced he had the flu, I took him downstairs, and felt pretty sad that I'd be spending the evening with a sick boy instead of at Rachel's 90th, which is why we came down here in the first place! After about 40 minutes, Samuel seemed to be feeling better, and we decided to try and bring him upstairs for awhile. He seemed fine, but during dinner, he got down at some point to play with Aidan again in the play-room, and not even 5 minutes later, he came running to me gagging again and crying. Both times, he had been pointing to his throat, which he never does before he throws up. I ran him to the bathroom, and he started dry-heaving, but didn't throw up his dinner, thank-goodness. I was feeling pretty distraught, but then Aidan came up and said he had just realized that the toys Samuel was sucking on had been sprayed down with Bitter Yuck to prevent their dog from chewing on them. I inspected the product, and it was non-toxic, but tastes AWFUL, which explains why Samuel was getting sick from the taste in his mouth. We gave him some chocolate and soy milk to wash away the flavor, and spent the rest of the evening having a pretty enjoyable time. Rachel had a great time, the catered food was delicious, as was the cake, and Rachel received some really nice gifts from everyone. After dinner, Aidan and Janssen played some music for everyone. Aidan played a couple of pieces on the piano, and when he was finished, Samuel got up on the bench and played a song softly, then bowed for everyone. It was really cute! After Janssen played banjo/sang a song, then Landon played fiddle with Janssen on the piano. Rachel felt tired after that, so all the guests headed home, and the Kuhn's stayed up awhile to chat with Marylou & her husband Ken. At some point, I headed downstairs and put Samuel to sleep, and fell asleep myself. Landon took Janssen to the BART station, then came home and fell asleep himself.


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