Off to the Wedding

Friday, June 29, 2007
We're off to the wedding! 3 weeks ago, I was at our local seamstress questioning whether my bridesmaid dress could be altered. I had to order a size 12 (I was a size 10 pre-pregnancy) to accommodate my growing abdomen. So, as of 3 weeks ago, the dress was an inch too big on either side, and is strapless & sleeveless, so was falling down. Unfortunately, w/out paying a tailor to disassemble the entire dress, which would have cost more than the dress did, the dress could not be altered easily by my seamstress. I decided if worse came to worse I would pin it to my strapless bra and hope for the best (although strapless bras have a history of falling down as well). I'm happy to report that thanks to my pregnancy and the ever increasing size of my bust, the dress now fits perfectly. So, we're off to my little brother Robby's wedding. I will post pictures tomorrow evening.



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