Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Today I started feeling stronger movements from the baby. Distinct kicks and bumps along my uterine walls. I noticed a lot of movement today after I would eat a meal. I hadn't been feeling movements for a few days, because the baby always seems to slow down when it's in the midst of a tremendous growth stage, which is currently underway. But, today it seemed to wake up a bit, and instead of little flutters, I felt the first distinct kicks. It's nice to finally reach this stage, because then I get the daily reminders that everything is going well in there. Speaking of which, I felt a little reminder kick just now!



Anonymous said...

Oh how fun!! I agree with you ~~ that is how I always felt also!! So glad for the reminder everyday!!
It is almost half way Karli Ann!!

Amy said...

That is so great! I always LOVE that part of the pregnancy. It is so reassuring that everything is ok in there.

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