16 Weeks Pregnant

Thursday, June 14, 2007
I'm 16 weeks pregnant today, and I can hardly believe that four months of my pregnancy are complete. I'm feeling good these days. The baby is entering a tremendous growth phase during which he or she will grow more than it ever will again in its lifetime. According to my weight gain with Samuel, I didn't really start packing on the pounds until around week 22. By 40 weeks, I'd gained nearly 60lbs.! So far with this pregnancy, I've only gained 2 pounds, but you'd never know it by looking at this belly! It's amazing how much my belly has grown already! For fun, I put my 16 week photo from my pregnancy with Samuel to compare (pic below of me in the skirt & three years younger!). I have to say, I look fairly the same size in both photos...maybe just a little larger this time around...

I'm going to call and schedule my 20 week ultrasound tomorrow morning. I'm excited to see the baby again, as well as find out if everything is developing normally. It's going to be tough this time around to wait until birth to find out the gender! I'm relying on Landon to keep me from asking at the ultrasound!

Now begins the 17th week and the 5th month of my pregnancy!


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