Welcome June, the 4th Month of my Pregnancy

Friday, June 01, 2007
Okay, I'm having a maternity clothes crisis. I've heard maternity clothes have come a long way, but I'm having a hard time finding cute ones! Due Maternity has cute stuff, but I'm not going to spend $198.00 on a pair of maternity jeans. Still want to burn my maternity clothes from Samuel, and I wasn't showing in the summer w/ Samuel, so I'm having to look at getting some new things. Suggestions, ladies?


Jeremy said...

I've had luck with Gap's maternity clothes. There's a really nice maternity section at the Gap in the Tanasbourne outdoor mall (Streets of Tanasbourne )in Hillsboro. The only other place I went was Old Navy but I never seemed to like the way they fit.

Good luck! Congrats on getting the healthy results!


Amy said...

I LOVE Old Navy Maternity clothes and they are very resonably priced. Target has some great stuff as well. Hope that helps!

Annagrace said...

I loved some of the Liz Lange maternity stuff at Target and I had pretty good success with Old Navy and Gap too (there's an Old Navy maternity section at the Vancouver Mall). It's just like any other clothes shopping with me--it took a bit of trying on and trial and error but I had some really cute capri pants and tees and even tank tops. And I managed to stay away from "tents" and things that only make you look larger :):)

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