Thursday Errands

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Samuel and I ran errands today. Was able to accomlish just about everything I wanted to...purchased all the non-food items we were running low on, stopped for an iced decaf Stumptown coffee at my favorite coffee shop since Coffee People, The Coffee Plant (yes, I do consider going to get coffee an errand--you have to throw something fun into the mix!), and took Samuel to his gym class as well.

Hey, I just realized that the hyperlink feature isn't working on my blog posts. Does anyone know why? Maybe I really do need to switch my blog over to the new templates that blogger is offering. I was trying to do my own template, but it's pretty much falling through the cracks as it isn't a big priority for me. There used to be a button featured above when you were creating a post that allowed you to hyperlink a word. That is no longer available w/ the version I am using. Maybe it's Safari that is the problem. Landon keeps trying to convince me to use Firefox, but old habits die hard.


P.S. Picture above of our new fence. I don't think I ever posted a picture of the final project.


Anonymous said...

Looks very nice Karli!! It also provides you with more privicy ~~ but then you already knew that right!!~?

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