St. Helens

Monday, May 28, 2007
Samuel and I drove to St. Helens this morning and visited my friend Amy and her little girl Alexandra, who was born just 5 days after Samuel. We used to work together, and when we were pregnant, Amy was living in San Francisco at the time, and we used to e-mail each other throughout our pregnancies, which was a big support! It was a nice change of pace, and Samuel loved playing with Alexandra and all her toys. After Amy made a delicious ravioli and salad lunch, we went to the park, then Samuel and I headed home for a nap. Tonight, I've been watering our garden, sorting through our recycling, and working on my pregnancy scrapbook. Samuel's been drawing pictures with his sidewalk chalk, riding his bike, and digging in a dirt pile we have for pill bugs and worms.

We got a window a/c for Samuel's room over the weekend, and after hearing the weather report tonight, I'm so glad to have it! The sales associate that helped us said that every time Portland has 3 days of 90 degree weather where it doesn't cool off at night, they sell out of a/c's. Sounds like that's what we're in for this week. We not only got the a/c on sale, but managed to plan and purchase it before the a/c rush. Since I'll be pregnant this summer, having the a/c will make the upstairs SO much more comfortable and bearable! I won't have to spend quite so much time going to the mall where you get free a/c (and since I don't like to shop, you know it's hot when you see me hanging out at the mall!).



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