Sleeping In

Thursday, May 31, 2007
After suffering from insomnia last night, and only getting about five hours of sleep each night this week, I was prepared for another day of sheer exhaustion, but Samuel actually slept in with me until 11am! We were both so tired. This hasn't happened since EVER! The last time I ever slept in that late was the days when I wasn't in school & stayed out until 2 or 3am and got up at 11am in time to be to work by 1pm. Now those days seem like a century ago. The idea of staying out until 3am makes me tired just thinking about it. Unfortunately, I had to cancel all my morning and evening plans today in order to get some much-needed rest. I took a nap w/ Samuel this afternoon, and we took it easy most of the day. Of course, I still had to water the garden, do laundry, dishes, make lunch...but those things are par for the course. --Karli


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