Pregnancy Podcasts

Monday, May 14, 2007
I don't even know if I knew what podcasts were during my pregnancy with Samuel, but I have been listening to them lately, and recently downloaded some pregnancy podcasts, which are great! It's like being part of a pregnancy support group w/out having to leave your bed. I listen to these ladies talk on and on about the ups and downs of their pregnancies, and they always have a guest speak about topics ranging from acupuncture for nausea during pregnancy to circumcision to birth plans. Interesting stuff, and enjoyable to listen to and have on hand, especially during my many restless nights when I can't sleep. I just listen to my podcasts and try not to stress about the fact that I can't sleep.

If you know of a good pregnancy podcast, please let me know! Right now, I'm listening to Pregtastic.



Amy said...

I totally listened to Pregtastic when I was pregnant! That's the only one I know about, but I liked it.

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