Saturday, May 26, 2007

Well, the hallway project turned out great. I'm really happy with the results. We did a cream color above, and a mango orange below, both from the Devine line. Take a look @ the picture. What do you think?

I've had some great suggestions on brands of paint, and am still searching for the right color for our bedroom. Since it is a small room with sloped ceilings (it is a 2nd floor bedroom in a cape cod house), the shade needs to be light and airy, as it will be painted on the ceiling as well as the walls (notice in the picture of our newly painted hallway that the ceiling is the same color as the sloped walls). Lighter colors recede walls, darker colors draw walls in, making the room feel smaller. Since I'm leaning towards green, I'm looking for an extremely light and airy color of green that does not lean towards a military green.

Good news! No longer at Sherwin-Williams, I found out that Martha Stewart's new paint line, called Martha Stewart Colors, is available at Lowe's. The only drawback is there are only about 1/4th the colors available in this line from what she had in her Signature line @ SW. Still, her colors are by far my favorite, although I'm really tempted by Pottery Barn's colors available at Benjamin Moore--my friend Jen recommended them to me, and their colors are beautiful! We used Devine from Miller for the hallway, but despite their marketing slogan that the paint goes on like yogurt, we found it was just as drippy as any other paint, and the colors, although beautiful, are extremely limited, and are mostly darker colors, which is not what I am looking for in the bedroom (not to mention, it is $37.99 per gallon!). Since it's about half the price for Lowe's paint, I'm considering going to Lowe's to get the Martha Stewart colors that I like so much. I found a neat website where you can select a Martha Stewart color, then run a search, and it gives you the alternate name in every paint brand around. I'm thinking of D21 Drop of Green or D25 Sunshower or something of this nature. What do you think?

Here's a link:

Next step after painting the bedroom will be Roman shades for our old window sashes. Stay tuned...



Anonymous said...

I looked at the colors Karli. I like them both. Maybe a little of both. One is lighter than the other but they are both nice.

Anonymous said...

I really like the hallway!! It looks very nice!! I can't remember what it was before now?! Was it just a pale white? Anyway it looks very refreshing!! Nice job!!

Amy said...

Looks beautiful!!

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