One Healthy Baby

Monday, May 21, 2007
Great news this morning! The baby looks healthy on ultrasound. Its heartbeat was at 160, nuchal translucency measurements were right on, and the baby's length measured 2 weeks further along than my calculations, so my midwives were right! The baby is not 11 weeks, but around 13 weeks right now. I updated my little pregnancy ticker above. The due date has been moved up to November 29th, so will be closer to Thanksgiving than Christmas. I feel like I've been given 2 free weeks of pregnancy, and am excited that I'm now nearly out of my first trimester! It was really great to see the baby on the screen, and what a relief that everything looks to be progressing the way it should. I've posted a few pictures below.

P.S. To see Samuel's ultrasound shot, click here:


Katie Jervis Photography said...

Congrats, Karli! SOOOOO happy for you!!!


Jeremy said...

I'm so happy for you guys! And how wonderful to be able to skip 2 weeks ahead :-). Congrats!


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