Grey's Anatomy

Thursday, May 03, 2007
I enjoy watching Grey's Anatomy on Thursday nights. Not sure about the Kate Walsh spinoff, but maybe it will be good. Grey's is what it is, but it's still addicting. No, it isn't realistic even half of the time (do surgical interns take blood pressure--NO!), but what a great cast of amazing actors, and the writers are incredibly creative as well.

Having said that, I was looking forward to a special 2 hour episode tonight due to the Kate Walsh spinoff, and even after trying to get Samuel to bed at 7:30, by 9pm (the start of the episode), I gave up and decided I'd rather let Samuel watch it with me than miss it altogether. Big mistake! I was laying on our bed trying to watch it, and Samuel is jumping, rolling all over, running to his room and dumping legos all over the floor, asking me to read him books. Didn't work out too well. Can't say I enjoyed myself. I should have just missed it & downloaded it on itunes or watched it from abc's website. By 11pm, Samuel was very tired, which manifested itself into being incredibly active. He was bouncing off the walls when Landon walked in the door from his business trip at 5 to 11pm. Within minutes, he had Samuel in bed and was telling him a story about a baby rhino that flew on a magic carpet. This is why Samuel wouldn't go to sleep with me--he wanted his Dad to tell him another baby rhino story, and after 3 nights w/out his Dad, he wasn't going to sleep without it. By 10 after 11pm, Samuel was sound asleep.

Thank goodness Landon is home! I'm not big on routines, and I think Samuel knows it. I end up keeping him up way past his bedtime when Landon's away, because I get scared of sounds in the house when Landon isn't home & like the extra company--except for tonight. Grey's Anatomy, bowl of strawberry ice cream--ALONE--this is what I wanted most of all! But, no...this was not to be.

I just might rewatch that 2 hour episode on itunes some other time.



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