First Trimester Sleepiness

Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Will I ever have energy again? I'm definitely adjusting to being tired all the time, but it's a drag, because it's hard to be motivated to walk up to the park or do fun things with Samuel when all I want to do is lay down. There is no sleep for the weary when there is a two year old on the loose!

Landon made really good burritos tonight! Despite feeling tired, I forced myself to go out and weed and mow the lawn tonight. What are you going to do? I figured I could sit inside and feel tired or feel tired outside and get some fresh air. I opted for the latter. I thought I'd sleep deeply tonight, but I had insomnia once again. Didn't get to sleep until after 1am, and Samuel woke up many times during the night because he has a cold, so my sleep was pretty broken up, which is the worst kind of sleep! I actually stayed up until 11pm and watched "Being Julia," a movie I put on my Netflix queue about two years ago when Annette Bening was up for an Academy Award for best actress, and only just now received it (we have over 100 selections in our queue). It was a great movie--light-hearted and excellent acting. Annette Bening is such a talented actress.



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