Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I wanted to write about a few differences I've noticed so far between my pregnancy with Samuel and this pregnancy:

Perfect Complexion
Full & Healthy Hair
Migraines Weeks 9-14
Only felt nauseated a few times, and had no problem taking prenatal pills.

This Pregnancy:
Complexion issues
Hair is falling out, lots of broken hairs, definitely has lost its luster.
Migraines weeks 4-6, one migraine during week 11
Nausea Weeks 4-6, 8-11
Can't hold down prenatal pills, but have had luck taking them right before bed.
Trouble sleeping--itchy skin from hormones, general insomnia, and nausea during the night while I sleep.

So far, these are the first trimester differences. Everything else I'm experiencing is generally similar to my pregnancy with Samuel. I've only noted differrences.

I found a couple of cool websites w/ products for the pregnant mommy. Here they are:


Our fence is being built today! Here is a picture of what has been put up so far. I'm so excited, and am pleased with the quality of work done so far! As you can see, we're trying to block as much of the eyesore next door as we possibly can. We live in a neighborhood of beautiful, older homes, most of which were built in the earlier part of the 20th century, but this property stands out as the eyesore, and is, of course, thus so because it is a rental. The fence will draw our eyes away from the house, and also give us some privacy for our yard! We picked out the design ourselves.



Betsy said...

I couldn't take prenatal vitamins with either of my boys. I was so sick with both that they kept me awake at night even. I just had an ultrasound done yesterday and I am actually 3-5 days farther along than my original due date!

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