Wednesday, May 23, 2007
I'm trying to figure out what color to paint our bedroom! I got some samples from the Devine line @ Miller Paint in green (blade & pistachio as an accent wall), but now that it's up, I just know it's not right for our bedroom. What is your favorite color/shade for a bedroom? I need all the helpful suggestions I can get! Also, if there is a paint line that you love, send me that info as well!

From what I've read, bedrooms should be in restful shades, and be a color that you love, as you spend a lot of time there! I'll also be giving birth in our bedroom, and spending a lot of time there with the new baby, so I definitely want to make the best possible decision!



Betsy said...

Joel's cousins had Devine Moss in their bedroom and I liked it so much I may copy it in our next house. It's very pale, but soothing and easy to put many other colors with.

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