Rainy Days

Monday, April 16, 2007

We've had a lot of rain here in Portland lately. Samuel and I stayed home today, because he was sick with a new cold/cough, and I felt like I was fighting a sore throat. So far in this pregnancy, every time I have felt like I am catching one of Samuel's viruses, I've been able to fight it off. Not sure if it is the pregnancy or the prenatal vitamins. We did run up to the post office to mail one of my mooches from http://www.bookmooch.com/ If you don't already have an account, check it out. It's a great little way to exchange books online. If you really like it, e-mail bookmooch, and they'll send you a box of business cards, and you can pass them out to friends & family. The more people on bookmooch, the higher the inventory, and the better off we'll all be.



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