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Thursday, April 05, 2007
Last night I met with my friend Jen at Papa Haydn, and after a term of not seeing her, it was great to catch up. I didn't have time to see any of my friends last term when I was immersed in Anatomy & Physiology. We had dessert & I ordered fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice. I am addicted to grapefruit when I'm pregnant. I was with Samuel, and am already eating them daily with this one. It's funny, because I hardly eat them at all when I'm not pregnant. Maybe one a year. When I was pregnant with Samuel, I ate two a day. Hey, at least it's not chocolate bars!

Tonight, I met my friend Andrea, who talked to me about her experience so far in her second pregnancy with Alma Midwifery, a midwifery group I am seriously considering. We met for an hour, then went to Alma for a free parenting class they were offering. A teacher from a Waldorf school spoke, and she had a lot of good things to say about the effects of TV on children, and alternatives to TV, which include rhythms & routines in the home, and ways to interact & encourage educational play for your child. It was really good! One point she made was to establish rhythm--a beginning and an end to activities in which you allow your child to engage. To not flip on the TV whenever it is convenient. There is TV time, maybe once in awhile, but it is an established time. Then, there is outdoor play time, craft time, etc. Don't do laundry every day--establish a flow where you do laundry only on certain days. This way you are in control of your day, and you are creating a home in which the child can learn & grow within established frameworks of time. It was a nice evening & I learned a lot!



The Ferriter Family said...

I wish there was a Waldorf school closer then 40 min away.....I was interviewed for a teaching position at one. Iwish I could start one here, but its such a small community.....Oh and hey I ate grapefruits through both of mine too.

Anonymous said...

Karli Ann,
I remember craving a lot of things with you kids when I was pregnant also!! It is so nice that the world has evolved into computer usage so that you have got it all capsized into reading and re-reading it from Samuel and this one!! As for me ~~ I have to rely on my memory and the weirdest one was craving smoked osters. Dad brought home a case of them for me!! That was for Kristi. With Shelly I craved chocolate. Grapefruit is good for you and Dad and I have been eating a LOTof it lately!! Get some at costco-- it comes in pre-sliced, in the juice and it is delicious!! We have one per day!!

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