Robin's Nest

Monday, April 09, 2007

Originally uploaded by corsi photo.
As I sat down to my computer this evening, I noticed a pair of robins that have begun to build a nest in the old Hawthorne tree outside my 2nd story office window. I will enjoy watching them build their nest and raise their brood over the upcoming weeks.


P.S. Don't worry, I stole this photo from Flikr. I did not climb the Hawthorne tree to get this photo. I do try to refrain from climbing trees to photograph wildlife when I'm pregnant!


Anonymous said...

Oh Karli,
When I first saw this picture-I thought it was VERY CLOSE outside the window. I was thinking, "How fun to be able to see them hatch and grow so close." But I'm sure it will still be fun. Nice picture!
How do you remember all of the week and what you did each day when you catch up? Do you make notes for yourself or just remember?

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