The House that Keeps on Giving

Sunday, April 22, 2007
Landon and I own a great house. We love it so much, and we can't imagine ever moving. This afternoon during Samuel's nap, Landon and I went out to plant a shade elderberry tree in our backyard, but somehow got sidetracked, and started inspecting our property line where we hope to have a fence put up soon. We started hacking away at overgrown briers, vinca, shrubs & trees, and realized that we actually have 4 to 6 more feet of property than we orginally thought! We found the property stakes, so now we have markers to go by. This week, I plan to call some fencing companies & start getting estimates. I will post a picture to this post tomorrow of our yard debris pile which will have to be hauled away or ground up into chips by the professionals, because it's way too much for us to cut up & place curbside on yard debris pick-up day. These are the kinds of projects Landon and I get ourselves into when I'm not in school and have extra time to focus on the house & yard. --Karli


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