Friday, April 20, 2007
Samuel was a happy boy today, because Logan came over for the whole day. I'm helping his Mom out for a few days while she completes her CNA training. Samuel loves Logan and keeps saying he wants Logan for his new baby brother. They played with Samuel's train set a lot, we walked up to the community center for Samuel's gym class, then they went outside & played on the playground for awhile. Afterwards, we walked up to Starbucks for treats, walked to A-boy, where I bought a shade elderberry tree, and they we walked home, stopping to sit on the way to eat a treat I bought for us at A-boy. Logan was very cautious and protective with Samuel, holding his hand the whole time & telling Samuel to be careful and to watch out for cars. Logan will be 4 in July, and it's so much fun watching him and observing 3 1/2-4 year old behavior, as I can see what I have to look forward to with Samuel.

I ended today with a massage. It had been almost 4 weeks since my last one, and my muscles were definitely in dire need of some relaxation. She found a rib that was out of place & popped it back in. Felt much better! She found a new knot on my wrist and asked if I'd been using the computer more lately. There were new trigger points release & some tight neck muscles that she worked on. I think I'm going to start going bi-monthly throughout the pregnancy, and am going to start doing prenatal yoga as well.

What is a good brand for yoga-wear?



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