First Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 07, 2007
I've got to get it together a little more. We took Samuel to an Easter egg hunt this morning at Westmoreland Park, and as we were loading up into the car, I realized that we didn't have an easter basket for Samuel to collect his eggs. Landon ran inside and grabbed his Halloween bucket, and we headed to the park. It was raining and muddy. Just as we arrived, I realized we'd forgotten the camera, and this was Samuel's first Easter egg hunt. There was Samuel, searching for eggs in the mud with the rain coming down, happily holding his Halloween bucket. He didn't know the difference, but I couldn't help but feel bad that I hadn't planned his first Easter hunt better. I'm just glad he's too little to say, "Get it together, Mom!" I did dress him in his best outfit--I'll give myself credit for that--but, even that gesture turned out useless, because with the rain and the mud, he was one soggy, muddy mess by the time it was over. So, yay! I created more laundry for myself! Working on getting it washed & folded as we speak. I really should get some sleep...

We might try another Easter egg hunt tomorrow. This time, I plan to bring the camera!


Pregnancy Notes: Another headache that almost turned into a migraine today, but I was able to get on top of it before it got that bad. I laid down for a couple of hours. I'm starting to feel really sleepy all the time now--gotta love all that progesterone! Felt pretty nauseated again in the evening, and I'm starting to see a pattern of nausea in late morning & early evening. Last night, however, the nausea lasted until about 1am, and I made several runs to the bathroom, thinking I was going to be sick, but never did.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you are feeling so sick!! I was terribly nauseaed with you!! I would get sick if I even smelled butter. I still remember it vividly!

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