Day at Home

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Well, we didn't make it to an organized Easter hunt today if there were any, and I did look, but most of them were yesterday. I had planned to do one here at our house, but it just didn't happen. We spent part of the day gardening, and Samuel found lots of grubs & worms for his collection. We went grocery shopping. Had dinner at Kell's while Landon played for an hour or so. I took a nap. That list is definitely out of order. It was actually more like gardening, nap, Kell's, grocery shopping. It rained most of the latter half of the day, so good thing we started the morning off by gardening. I was fighting a headache again today, and felt so tired that we didn't make it to an Easter service. Some years the holiday activites don't seem to reach celebretory status. That's alright, though--I just go with the flow, and this year, I wasn't up for much of a celebration!



Anonymous said...

At least you can/are remembering all of the things that you do and have done. I can't even remember that half of the time!!

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