Busy Day

Monday, April 23, 2007
I smashed four of my fingers today pretty good between two window sashes. I was cleaning windows, and this particular window sash had a broken cable cord. Without the counterweight, it came crashing down, smashing my fingers between the two sashes. Ouch!

I hosted my bookclub tonight, and it was a good discussion on "The Glass Castle." I made zucchini bread & artichoke dip, and cut up fresh strawberries. It was a fun evening! Landon took Samuel to the park, and they had a good time. Later, they came back and Samuel got to meet the ladies in the bookclub. He was really shy, since he didn't know anyone except for Gay.

After cooking & cleaning all day, I was exhausted & slept deeply all night long.



Amy said...

OUCH!!!!! I'm so sorry! Thank you for your sweet comment about me up above. That is really, really kind of you. :) I am definitely far from perfect!

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