Bike Ride

Saturday, April 28, 2007
Landon and I went for a bike ride for the first time this year. We rode downtown to Farmer's Market in the park blocks, but it was so incredibly crowded that we couldn't manage to shop for even a few items. It was difficult to get to booths because of the crowds, dogs on leashes, many strollers. Just a lot of people. It was pretty uncomfortable, and after looking for something to eat at Farmer's Market, we ended up leaving and walking to find food elsewhere. Many of the booths had run out of food. We finally decided on Chipotle, and by then, Samuel had a melt-down in the restaurant. Finally, we got our food, but then it was time to bike all the way home. Samuel was really pushing his nap by then, but we were keeping our fingers crossed that he wouldn't fall asleep on the way home, so we could nap with him! On the way home, we rode through Willamette Park, and Samuel saw the playground and said, "Stop at play-park, please?" How could we resist? We stopped, and he played with another little boy that had a remote-control truck. Samuel was pretty fascinated. So much so that he didn't want to leave--ever! When we finally forced the issue, he had another melt-down, except this time, there was no consolation. To comfort himself, Samuel usually holds my neck or Landon's while he's falling asleep, or even does this when we're carrying him. So, all the way home (it was about 15 minutes from there), he screamed, "Neck only!" He calls necks "neck only" because I've told him from the time he started doing it "Neck only" when he tries to put his hands on my face. It's a funny little thing that Samuel does, and equally funny that he calls the neck "neck only." At least we think so--but, then again, we're his parents! --Karli


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