Anne Lamott

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I met Sharla this evening at The Baghdad to hear Anne Lamott do readings from her new book. I read one of her earlier books, "Operating Instructions" (1993) shortly after I had Samuel, and it was about her experience as a Mom with her own son Sam. She not only writes non-fiction, but also novels. An unconventional Christian, she is liberally outspoken on many contraversial issues, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Her most recent books have been about faith. Tonight, she read from her newest book (2007) titled, "Grace (Eventually): Thoughts on Faith." Check it out! I do recommend "Operating Instructions" for new moms who need to add a bit of humor to the realities of early motherhood.

Pregnancy Notes: I again got quite nauseated today around the time I went to pick up Samuel from the community center. I laid down with Samuel to take a nap, and felt much better when I woke up. I have a feeling these afternoon naps with Samuel might become a daily occurance for me. Aside from that, I am pretty emotional, but I have to remind myself that I've been through a lot the past week, and a lot of changes have occurred that I'm still adjusting to. No headache today! This picture was taken in Anacortes about 4 days before I found out I am expecting.



Anonymous said...

Karli--don't be mso hard on your self. Just take the naps and realize that you are helping to form a beautiful little baby and it will all be worth it in the end. Yeah~~no headache!!

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