Pregnancy Photo

Monday, April 30, 2007

Today I'm 8 weeks pregnant by my calculations, or over 9 weeks pregnant by my LMP. (**Update: I was actually nearly 10 weeks pregnant in this photo, based on an ultrasound I had done on 5/21. Hopefully, we'll get an accurate dating at the ultrascreen if not before. I have been told that you show a lot earlier with a second pregnancy, and I would have to agree with that assessment! I am as big now as I was at 16-20 weeks last time. I wasn't really visibly pregnant until 20 weeks with Samuel. My pregnancy is documented in 2004's archives for anyone that is curious. I'm excited to pass the 2 month mark, and look forward to seeing our new little Kuhn baby via ultrasound in a few weeks. Stay tuned!


Sunday Gardening

Sunday, April 29, 2007
This morning, we woke up and walked to the bottom of our hill for breakfast at our local coffee shop (not Starbucks!). After walking home, I decided to head out to Portland Nursery to spend my $50.00 gift card I received from Heather for watching Logan a few days this month. I spent more than $50.00, and came home with a carload of plants & mulch. I just came inside from planting for six hours! My back is a little sore, but I'm so glad I did it! The part shade east-facing slope looks great! Landon is working on dinner right now--BBQ'ing hamburgers, corn, and he even made shortcakes to go with our fresh strawberries & cream. Looking forward to a good meal after working outdoors all afternoon. It was a beautiful day!


Bike Ride

Saturday, April 28, 2007
Landon and I went for a bike ride for the first time this year. We rode downtown to Farmer's Market in the park blocks, but it was so incredibly crowded that we couldn't manage to shop for even a few items. It was difficult to get to booths because of the crowds, dogs on leashes, many strollers. Just a lot of people. It was pretty uncomfortable, and after looking for something to eat at Farmer's Market, we ended up leaving and walking to find food elsewhere. Many of the booths had run out of food. We finally decided on Chipotle, and by then, Samuel had a melt-down in the restaurant. Finally, we got our food, but then it was time to bike all the way home. Samuel was really pushing his nap by then, but we were keeping our fingers crossed that he wouldn't fall asleep on the way home, so we could nap with him! On the way home, we rode through Willamette Park, and Samuel saw the playground and said, "Stop at play-park, please?" How could we resist? We stopped, and he played with another little boy that had a remote-control truck. Samuel was pretty fascinated. So much so that he didn't want to leave--ever! When we finally forced the issue, he had another melt-down, except this time, there was no consolation. To comfort himself, Samuel usually holds my neck or Landon's while he's falling asleep, or even does this when we're carrying him. So, all the way home (it was about 15 minutes from there), he screamed, "Neck only!" He calls necks "neck only" because I've told him from the time he started doing it "Neck only" when he tries to put his hands on my face. It's a funny little thing that Samuel does, and equally funny that he calls the neck "neck only." At least we think so--but, then again, we're his parents! --Karli

Meeting an Old Friend

Friday, April 27, 2007
Samuel and I met Chris J. from the Clumsy Lovers for breakfast this morning. It was good to catch up as it's been too long. The band is in Portland for four nights, but unfortunately, I didn't make it to any of their shows. I crash around 10PM, and that's about the time the band usually goes on! This was the highlight of the day. Other than that, we watched some episodes of "The Extras" on Netflix in the evening after Samuel was asleep. If you're a fan of Ricky Gervais from "The Office (BBC)," you'll love "The Extras." It isn't AS funny, but pretty darn close. Ricky Gervais is brilliant. He makes me laugh, anyway!


Relaxing Day

Thursday, April 26, 2007
Today was a good pregnancy day for me. Little to no nausea, no headaches, and only tired in the afternoon, and I took a nap with Samuel. In the evening, we stopped @ Market of Choice for pizza, sushi, and drinks & met Sarah, Aaron, Ben, Shane, and Kieran @ Tryon for a picnic dinner @ walk through the Tryon State Forest. It was a relaxing evening. Just what I needed! Afterwards, Landon and I stopped off at Riverside Cemetery for another 30 minute walk before coming home. I just plan to lay back and chill tonight & watch a movie (oh, and what looks to be a GREAT episode of Grey's Anatomy!).


Pregnancy & Nausea

Wednesday, April 25, 2007
I had cantelope for breakfast this morning. Thought it was a healthy choice. Not long after, Heather dropped off Logan, as I agreed to watch him today. She was telling me about nursing school, and while she was talking, I started to get a major wave of nausea. Stronger than I've ever had before. I knew that I was going to be sick. As she was talking, I realized that this wasn't going to go away on its own. I interrupted her mid-sentence and made a run for the bathroom. All that tasty cantelope came right up along with my prenatal pills. I felt so much better, and didn't get sick again for the rest of the day, but one thing I'm learning about nausea with pregnancy--it appears whenever it wants to regardless of where you are, who you're talking to, or what time of the day. You try to find a pattern with it, but it's pretty hard to find anything consistent. You never know if what you'll eat will trigger it or even if you don't eat enough. My midwife says a lot of time nausea is caused from blood sugar levels going up or down, so often times, eating more protein will help keep blood sugar levels constant, helping with nausea.

One way or another, most likely this nausea will be gone in another month or so! I'll keep my fingers crossed anyway! :)



Tuesday, April 24, 2007
I don't know if I'm tired from all the cooking & cleaning yesterday or if it's the pregnancy or a combination of both, but today I am really tired! There has been days during this pregnancy that I am so tired that I feel like I've taken sleeping pills. Samuel is at his class right now, so I'm thinking about laying down and resting for an hour before I pick him up. I also plan to nap with him this afternoon! Some days I wonder how I'll manage with two little ones by the end of this year! Then I think of people I know like Amy Tice, who has three kids under 4, and tell myself that it can be done!


Busy Day

Monday, April 23, 2007
I smashed four of my fingers today pretty good between two window sashes. I was cleaning windows, and this particular window sash had a broken cable cord. Without the counterweight, it came crashing down, smashing my fingers between the two sashes. Ouch!

I hosted my bookclub tonight, and it was a good discussion on "The Glass Castle." I made zucchini bread & artichoke dip, and cut up fresh strawberries. It was a fun evening! Landon took Samuel to the park, and they had a good time. Later, they came back and Samuel got to meet the ladies in the bookclub. He was really shy, since he didn't know anyone except for Gay.

After cooking & cleaning all day, I was exhausted & slept deeply all night long.


The House that Keeps on Giving

Sunday, April 22, 2007
Landon and I own a great house. We love it so much, and we can't imagine ever moving. This afternoon during Samuel's nap, Landon and I went out to plant a shade elderberry tree in our backyard, but somehow got sidetracked, and started inspecting our property line where we hope to have a fence put up soon. We started hacking away at overgrown briers, vinca, shrubs & trees, and realized that we actually have 4 to 6 more feet of property than we orginally thought! We found the property stakes, so now we have markers to go by. This week, I plan to call some fencing companies & start getting estimates. I will post a picture to this post tomorrow of our yard debris pile which will have to be hauled away or ground up into chips by the professionals, because it's way too much for us to cut up & place curbside on yard debris pick-up day. These are the kinds of projects Landon and I get ourselves into when I'm not in school and have extra time to focus on the house & yard. --Karli

Rainy Day

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Today it was dismal and rainy all day long! I had morning sickness during the morning, was exhausted during the afternoon, and then had morning sickness again in the evening. I stayed home all day & didn't get much accomplished. I couldn't eat much, either, because of how nauseated I was feeling. I watched a lot of Nip/Tuck & read many chapters in a great new novel I'm reading called "Astrid & Veronika." The author is doing a reading in Portland on Wednesday evening, and I plan to attend.



Friday, April 20, 2007
Samuel was a happy boy today, because Logan came over for the whole day. I'm helping his Mom out for a few days while she completes her CNA training. Samuel loves Logan and keeps saying he wants Logan for his new baby brother. They played with Samuel's train set a lot, we walked up to the community center for Samuel's gym class, then they went outside & played on the playground for awhile. Afterwards, we walked up to Starbucks for treats, walked to A-boy, where I bought a shade elderberry tree, and they we walked home, stopping to sit on the way to eat a treat I bought for us at A-boy. Logan was very cautious and protective with Samuel, holding his hand the whole time & telling Samuel to be careful and to watch out for cars. Logan will be 4 in July, and it's so much fun watching him and observing 3 1/2-4 year old behavior, as I can see what I have to look forward to with Samuel.

I ended today with a massage. It had been almost 4 weeks since my last one, and my muscles were definitely in dire need of some relaxation. She found a rib that was out of place & popped it back in. Felt much better! She found a new knot on my wrist and asked if I'd been using the computer more lately. There were new trigger points release & some tight neck muscles that she worked on. I think I'm going to start going bi-monthly throughout the pregnancy, and am going to start doing prenatal yoga as well.

What is a good brand for yoga-wear?


Morning Sickness

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I didn't really have morning sickness with Samuel, but I'm quickly learning what morning sickness is like with this pregnancy. It comes in waves, and seems to hit late morning, goes away for the afternoon (if I'm lucky), and comes back to stay around dinner time and throughout the night. Last night, I was up of and on all night. It felt like I had the flu and was trying to make it through the night. I never threw up, but came close a few times, and woke up often feeling incredibly ill. I even woke Landon up at 4am to tell him about how sick I was feeling. I hadn't had migraines or nausea throughout the 6th and most of the 7th week, but now that I'm in week 8, the morning sickness has arrived. I had it around the time I found out I was pregnant, along with migraines for a couple of weeks, but then symptoms seemed to disappear for a week and a half, and although the migraines haven't returned (THANK GOODNESS), the nausea has come back, and to a much greater degree. I'm just glad that my schedule is flexible, and that I can nap with Samuel. Between nausea in the mornings, extreme fatigue in the afternoons, and nausea again in the evenings, I'm not getting a whole lot done these days! --Karli

Back in the Kitchen

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Now that I'm not in school, I'm cooking once again. Every week when it's time to get groceries, I sit down and come up with 4 recipes for the week. We usually eat out once or twice, and between that and 4 meals, it usually works out that we have enough for the week. It's been nice to get back to our old routines such as eating dinner together, watching movies in the evenings with Landon once Samuel is in bed, and spending time with family, but I'm still a little sad about school, and think about it off and on wishing I was still on the path to nursing. Deep down, I know I'm where I'm supposed to be, and that I can always go back later, however, I'm definitely still adjusting to the changes that occurred in my life in March--that is, postponing school & finding out that we're expecting baby #2!


Notes on a Scandal

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I watched a movie this afternoon during Samuel's nap, and the acting was excellent. Judi Dench is quite the actress, can't go wrong there. Cate Blanchett also gave a stunning performance. The plot was unique in that Cate Blanchett's character has an affair with her 15 year old student. There is a twist to Judi Dench's character that isn't obvious at first (at least it wasn't to me). I would recommend it. It's only 90 minutes, and the acting is great. I heard a good review about this film on NPR, and put it on my netflix queue. If you are a Netflix member, and would like to be in my Netflix network of friends, it's a great way to learn about films from one another. A lot of my friends/family on there right reviews about movies they've seen, and I've been able to see some good films I wouldn't have otherwise known about.


Rainy Days

Monday, April 16, 2007

We've had a lot of rain here in Portland lately. Samuel and I stayed home today, because he was sick with a new cold/cough, and I felt like I was fighting a sore throat. So far in this pregnancy, every time I have felt like I am catching one of Samuel's viruses, I've been able to fight it off. Not sure if it is the pregnancy or the prenatal vitamins. We did run up to the post office to mail one of my mooches from If you don't already have an account, check it out. It's a great little way to exchange books online. If you really like it, e-mail bookmooch, and they'll send you a box of business cards, and you can pass them out to friends & family. The more people on bookmooch, the higher the inventory, and the better off we'll all be.


Goodbye, Cindy!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

We drove over to say goodbye to my long-time friend, Cindy, who is moving back to New Jersey. We're going to miss her! Here is a picture taken this evening of Cindy & I with Samuel. We wish you luck in NJ, Cindy, and hope you find a teaching job right away! We're hoping to take a trip out there in the summer of 2008 for her wedding!


7 Weeks

Saturday, April 14, 2007
This week flew by, and now I'm 7 weeks pregnant! I haven't had migraines or headaches this week, although one is actually threatening to show its face as I sit here typing. It's been a busy week. I've had something going on nearly every day, and Samuel's now going to the community center 4 mornings a week. He loves it there, and the teachers are great. I have a feeling that this pregnancy is going to whiz right by. It's different when you are pregnant with your second, because so much time is devoted to your first, and some days you forget you are even pregnant (at least at this early stage I do, because I don't have a belly yet to remind me). I am taking naps every day with Samuel. Some days I think I'll just lay with him until he falls asleep, then I wake up two hours later. First trimester sleepiness! If you've been pregnant before, you know what it's like! --Karli

Friday the 13th

Friday, April 13, 2007
Now that I'm not in school, I have much more time to devote to the garden. Our neighborhood nursery just got their first spring shipment in from Monrovia, and I had fun picking out some new groundcovers. Landon is thinking about putting in a small vegetable garden in our backyard, so we might start on that sometime next week. It would be a raised bed, so will take some extra planning and work, but in the end, we might have fresh vegetables right in our backyard! It's worth a try, and it will be interesting to learn a new aspect to gardening that I haven't tried before.

Oh, and I didn't show up tonight to my massage appointment. It was 7pm before I realized that I completely spaced it. I even had a v/m that I had missed from my therapist who was calling to find out where I was. I guess I have so much on my mind lately w/ the pregnancy that I forgot to check my appointment calendar. I really do need to get it together! :)


Day at Home

Thursday, April 12, 2007
It's been raining a lot this week, so Samuel and I didn't leave the house today. We had a fun morning, though, because I hosted playgroup. 3 different moms came over with their toddlers. I bought pastries & had juice boxes, and I must have eaten 10 of these bite-sized raspberry pastries The kids ate a lot, too, and everyone was wound up, but ready for naps by the time they left. I took a long nap with Samuel, and before I knew it, Landon was home from work, and it was time to make dinner, which was pesto tonight (made by Landon).


Business Trip

Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Landon's business trip came and went, and Samuel and I were so busy while he was away that he was back before we had a chance to miss him! It was a two day trip, so not a long one. Samuel always gets to stay up a little later when Landon is away, and I treated us to Thai food for lunch. It was so good! Landon's burnt out on Thai food these days, so I indulge when he's away.


P.S. I don't know why I remember that my 2nd-4th grade friend Hope Hitchcock's birthday is today, but I do, and it is. April the 11th. I went to enough birthday parties at her house on the 11th that I've remembered the date all these years. Anyway, happy 30th birthday, Hope Hitchcock!

Midwives, Part 2

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tonight I met with a midwife from Alma Midwifery, and I knew almost right away that the midwives I met with last week were the midwives I wanted to work with. At this point, I'm looking for a good personality match, as the midwives on my list all come with excellent recommendations. So, as of tonight, I've decided on NW Community Midwives. I'm excited that I've narrowed it down, and can't wait for my first prenatal appointment the first week of May! Ultrascreen will be sometime towards the end of May, and I'm looking forward to seeing the baby on the screen. I will post pictures!

P.S. Here is a picture of Samuel taken during an ultrascreen when I was 12 weeks pregnant. The ultrascreen measures the nuchal translucency. Coupled with bloodwork, it gives is gives results in the 90% accuracy range for Down's and Trisomy 18. Of course, it is only a screen, but it can be an early assurance that the baby is healthy, and you get to see the baby's whole body (all 2 inches!) on the monitor for about 30 minutes, as the baby is extremely mobile, and it takes time for them to get the measurement.

Robin's Nest

Monday, April 09, 2007

Originally uploaded by corsi photo.
As I sat down to my computer this evening, I noticed a pair of robins that have begun to build a nest in the old Hawthorne tree outside my 2nd story office window. I will enjoy watching them build their nest and raise their brood over the upcoming weeks.


P.S. Don't worry, I stole this photo from Flikr. I did not climb the Hawthorne tree to get this photo. I do try to refrain from climbing trees to photograph wildlife when I'm pregnant!

Day at Home

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Well, we didn't make it to an organized Easter hunt today if there were any, and I did look, but most of them were yesterday. I had planned to do one here at our house, but it just didn't happen. We spent part of the day gardening, and Samuel found lots of grubs & worms for his collection. We went grocery shopping. Had dinner at Kell's while Landon played for an hour or so. I took a nap. That list is definitely out of order. It was actually more like gardening, nap, Kell's, grocery shopping. It rained most of the latter half of the day, so good thing we started the morning off by gardening. I was fighting a headache again today, and felt so tired that we didn't make it to an Easter service. Some years the holiday activites don't seem to reach celebretory status. That's alright, though--I just go with the flow, and this year, I wasn't up for much of a celebration!


First Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 07, 2007
I've got to get it together a little more. We took Samuel to an Easter egg hunt this morning at Westmoreland Park, and as we were loading up into the car, I realized that we didn't have an easter basket for Samuel to collect his eggs. Landon ran inside and grabbed his Halloween bucket, and we headed to the park. It was raining and muddy. Just as we arrived, I realized we'd forgotten the camera, and this was Samuel's first Easter egg hunt. There was Samuel, searching for eggs in the mud with the rain coming down, happily holding his Halloween bucket. He didn't know the difference, but I couldn't help but feel bad that I hadn't planned his first Easter hunt better. I'm just glad he's too little to say, "Get it together, Mom!" I did dress him in his best outfit--I'll give myself credit for that--but, even that gesture turned out useless, because with the rain and the mud, he was one soggy, muddy mess by the time it was over. So, yay! I created more laundry for myself! Working on getting it washed & folded as we speak. I really should get some sleep...

We might try another Easter egg hunt tomorrow. This time, I plan to bring the camera!


Pregnancy Notes: Another headache that almost turned into a migraine today, but I was able to get on top of it before it got that bad. I laid down for a couple of hours. I'm starting to feel really sleepy all the time now--gotta love all that progesterone! Felt pretty nauseated again in the evening, and I'm starting to see a pattern of nausea in late morning & early evening. Last night, however, the nausea lasted until about 1am, and I made several runs to the bathroom, thinking I was going to be sick, but never did.


Friday, April 06, 2007
Tonight we met with the midwives at NW Community Midwives. There were three midwives altogether, and we met at their office, which is in a lovely cottage owned by one of the midwives in Ladd's addition. We talked for about 45 minutes--most of the time they answered questions we had about home births. We left feeling even more comfortable about doing a home birth, and as long as I have a healthy pregnancy, there is no reason why I shouldn't birth at home. Home births for healthy and normal pregnancies are just as safe as hospital births, with much less intervention. The midwives leave all the decisions up to you, and do not enforce any of their own routines on you or the baby after its birth. You choose if you want Vitamin K administered, vaccines, bathing, etc. Prenatal appointments are 60 to 90 minutes long, and they do all the labwork right in their home office. Other tests/screenings like ultrasounds or ultrascreens are referred out, just as they are when you see an OB-GYN. After the baby is born, they continue seeing you in your home until the baby is 6 weeks old. Landon's leaving on a business trip next week, so the second consultation appointment I have with a second group of midwives will be while he is away. After we decide which midwife to go with, we will book our first prenatal appointment.

Pregnancy Notes: Today was a difficult day. I started getting a true migraine in the late morning, and by early afternoon, I was experiencing a full-blown migraine. I only get migraines when I'm pregnant. Laying on the futon in a fetal position, I had a pillow over my head to block out the sunlight. Samuel would come up to me and say, "Mommy sad" and "Mommy hurt." At one point, I thought I was going to get sick, the migraine was so bad, but then it was time to go to the midwife appointment, and somehow I managed to get out to the car (Landon drove) & started to feel better as time went on. After the appointment, we went out to dinner at our favorite bento place in SE. Afterwards, my migraine was gone. What a relief! By the time we got home, I started getting a bout of evening nausea. I tend to get a wave of nausea in the earlier part of the day, and another wave in the evening. I took a hot bath with aromatherapies, and am headed to bed soon for some much needed rest. Almost 6 weeks pregnant...already!


Meeting with Friends

Thursday, April 05, 2007
Last night I met with my friend Jen at Papa Haydn, and after a term of not seeing her, it was great to catch up. I didn't have time to see any of my friends last term when I was immersed in Anatomy & Physiology. We had dessert & I ordered fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice. I am addicted to grapefruit when I'm pregnant. I was with Samuel, and am already eating them daily with this one. It's funny, because I hardly eat them at all when I'm not pregnant. Maybe one a year. When I was pregnant with Samuel, I ate two a day. Hey, at least it's not chocolate bars!

Tonight, I met my friend Andrea, who talked to me about her experience so far in her second pregnancy with Alma Midwifery, a midwifery group I am seriously considering. We met for an hour, then went to Alma for a free parenting class they were offering. A teacher from a Waldorf school spoke, and she had a lot of good things to say about the effects of TV on children, and alternatives to TV, which include rhythms & routines in the home, and ways to interact & encourage educational play for your child. It was really good! One point she made was to establish rhythm--a beginning and an end to activities in which you allow your child to engage. To not flip on the TV whenever it is convenient. There is TV time, maybe once in awhile, but it is an established time. Then, there is outdoor play time, craft time, etc. Don't do laundry every day--establish a flow where you do laundry only on certain days. This way you are in control of your day, and you are creating a home in which the child can learn & grow within established frameworks of time. It was a nice evening & I learned a lot!


Year of the Golden Pig

Wednesday, April 04, 2007
A dream of a pig means wealth or luck.

The year 2007 is the "Year of the Pig," but it's not an ordinary pig year, which comes every 12 years, it is the "Year of the Golden Pig," which comes every 600 years, according to fortunetellers.

They say babies born in the golden pig year will have comfortable and wealthy lives.

In line with the myth, signs point to a baby boom. Obstetrics and gynecology clinics are counseling more about pregnancy and related industries are eagerly promoting baby products. Condom sales are down 16 percent and the birth rate is expected to rise by about 10 percent.
--Seoul Times

Anne Lamott

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I met Sharla this evening at The Baghdad to hear Anne Lamott do readings from her new book. I read one of her earlier books, "Operating Instructions" (1993) shortly after I had Samuel, and it was about her experience as a Mom with her own son Sam. She not only writes non-fiction, but also novels. An unconventional Christian, she is liberally outspoken on many contraversial issues, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Her most recent books have been about faith. Tonight, she read from her newest book (2007) titled, "Grace (Eventually): Thoughts on Faith." Check it out! I do recommend "Operating Instructions" for new moms who need to add a bit of humor to the realities of early motherhood.

Pregnancy Notes: I again got quite nauseated today around the time I went to pick up Samuel from the community center. I laid down with Samuel to take a nap, and felt much better when I woke up. I have a feeling these afternoon naps with Samuel might become a daily occurance for me. Aside from that, I am pretty emotional, but I have to remind myself that I've been through a lot the past week, and a lot of changes have occurred that I'm still adjusting to. No headache today! This picture was taken in Anacortes about 4 days before I found out I am expecting.


Post Office Disaster

Monday, April 02, 2007

I'm an active member on bookmooch (note link on the right), which is an online book exchange, and end up making about 2 or 3 trips to the post office each week. Since we were out of town last week, I had to make a trip first thing to mail off a couple of books people had mooched from me while I was gone. Thought we'd be in and out, but Samuel acted like he was two in full force. First he didn't want to hold my hand while we crossed the street, and when I told him it wasn't an option, he became like a spaghetti noodle, throwing himself down and screaming in the street. I had to carry him in, then he proceeded to run through the post office with another boy screaming. When I called him over to where I was standing, he completely ignored me. Meanwhile, I was feeling incredibly nauseated, and wasn't dealing with the situation very well. Samuel started running his tongue all over the surface of the bar where people wait in line. After his illness the past week, the last thing I need is for him to pick up some nasty flu bug from the post office, so I went over and took his hand to lead him away from the bar and over by me. Again, the spaghetti noodle. I lifted his dead weight to the counter where I was trying to fill out customs sheets so I could mail the books to Canada & Europe. He wasn't willing to sit there, of course, and jumped off the counter, assuming I'd catch him, which I did, and again proceeded to run through the post office screaming. I wanted to cry, because I felt so incredibly nauseated, and didn't have the emotional or physical strength at that point to deal with him. Somehow, I did...made it home, and had a good cry. I can deal with being pregnant, the nausea, the headaches, and I can deal with a two year old, but dealing with both together at the same time is a whole new learning experience for me. This is going to prepare me for two kids, I know, but it isn't easy!



Sunday, April 01, 2007

I visited a woman that my husband works with to hear how her recent natural birth went at a birth center in Tualatin. Her new little baby looked so small! Her birth story was pretty amazing--she had a beautiful water birth. I am going to try a natural home birth this time, and it's good for me to hear the stories of other women who have been there. If any of you would be willing to share your birth story, whether it was a hospital birth or home birth, I would be interested to hear what you liked or disliked about either experience. I do believe for those moms with healthy pregnancies, that labor is a natural process, and not a medical event. Since I did not experience any complications in my delivery with Samuel, I feel I am a good candidate for a home birth, and the hospital is just a mile from our house should any complications arise. I'm now in the process of selecting a midwife, which should not be too difficult, as there are so many wonderful midwives in Portland. I've heard Portland is the best place in the country to birth at home!

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