Late Night Cereal Bowls

Saturday, March 31, 2007

I felt much better today, although the late-night feedings have begun once again. When I was pregnant with Samuel, I would wake up around 1am starving, and most of the time, I'd eat a bowl of cereal. Landon remembers those days with humor, because he'd always wake up to the clanking sound of a spoon on the cereal bowl. Already, this trend has started. Even while on Orcas Island, I was getting up for juice or yogurt (we didn't have cereal at the time). By the third trimester with Samuel, I was getting up several times a night to eat. My body just needs lots of extra calories when I'm pregnant, and under normal conditions, I can ignore those hunger pains and go back to sleep, but during pregnancy, the hunger pains only get worse and then make me sick if I don't eat. So, I eat. I drag myself out of bed & eat bowls of Kashi cereal during the night.

We told Mike & Susan (Landon's parents) tonight. Everyone is excited, and agrees this is good timing.



Anonymous said...

Cute picture of Samuel Landon!!!

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