Late Night Cereal Bowls

Saturday, March 31, 2007

I felt much better today, although the late-night feedings have begun once again. When I was pregnant with Samuel, I would wake up around 1am starving, and most of the time, I'd eat a bowl of cereal. Landon remembers those days with humor, because he'd always wake up to the clanking sound of a spoon on the cereal bowl. Already, this trend has started. Even while on Orcas Island, I was getting up for juice or yogurt (we didn't have cereal at the time). By the third trimester with Samuel, I was getting up several times a night to eat. My body just needs lots of extra calories when I'm pregnant, and under normal conditions, I can ignore those hunger pains and go back to sleep, but during pregnancy, the hunger pains only get worse and then make me sick if I don't eat. So, I eat. I drag myself out of bed & eat bowls of Kashi cereal during the night.

We told Mike & Susan (Landon's parents) tonight. Everyone is excited, and agrees this is good timing.


The Reality of Pregnancy

Friday, March 30, 2007

I had one day to enjoy being pregnant before reality set in with the onset of pregnancy symptoms that aren't so much fun. With Samuel, I started getting migraines around my 8th week of pregnancy, and other than sore breasts, had no other symptoms before that time. This time, symptoms have started much earlier.

We spent the day in the car traveling home today, and I spent the better portion of the trip in a fetal position with a migraine while Landon drove. To top it off, I was feeling pretty nauseated. I have to admit, I had a few thoughts like, "What have I gotten myself into?" The low moment was when Samuel started throwing up all over the car (he came down with a cold/flu yesterday)and we still had about 60 miles left to go. We'd been traveling for 6 hours by then, my head was pounding, and the smell of Samuel's vomit only increased my nausea to the point where I thought I was going to be sick myself. I quickly cleaned up the car while Landon changed Samuel on the hood, and we were on the road again. Soon, we were home, the car was cleaned out, my headache was almost completely gone, and I again felt happy about being pregnant. When I'm not suffering from a migraine, this pregnancy really does feel like one of those "meant to be" circumstances in life.


P.S. We called and told my Mom, Dad, & siblings tonight--everyone is excited!

Happy News

Thursday, March 29, 2007

What would my next step be?

Today I decided to go into town to check my e-mail, so leaving Landon & Samuel on the beach, I headed into Eastsound to grab some coffee & use an Internet cafe.

My period had been late, but I was convinced it was on its way, so early this week, I hadn't given it much thought. By today, I became suspicious that I might be pregnant based on symptoms I was having. After checking my e-mail, I went to the grocery store, and with hands shaking, took an EPT. Instantly positive! I was shocked, happy, and overwhelmed, but mostly extremely happy. I drove straight home, pulling over once to make sure the test was still positive...the line had only darkened. When I got home and shared the happy news with Landon, he was a little stunned at first, but quickly became excited, and we both realized that the timing of this couldn't have been more ideal.

Looks like the baby will be born in early December, and Samuel will be just 2 months shy of his 3rd birthday by then, so he will have a playmate, and better yet--this baby will be born in the winter, like Samuel, so all his baby clothes will fit in season.

I always wanted two children, but had thought we'd wait until Samuel was 5, when I'd finished with nursing school. But, because we'd already decided I should drop out of school for now, this news couldn't have come at a better time.

I spent most of today feeling happy inside, and feeling content with the decision I'd made about school, and with the news of a new Kuhn baby on the way.

The picture above was taken earlier in the week--Samuel is watching a VHS Disney movie, and I'm reading a book that I just couldn't put down--Jeannette Walls' memoir, "The Glass Castle."


Orcas Island

Wednesday, March 28, 2007
It became clear by Wednesday while we were vacationing on Orcas Island that the right decision for our family was for me to postpone going to school. It was a really stressful term, and although I knew it would be hard, I hadn't really considered the effect it might have on my relationship with Landon, and I definitely didn't realize how important our family time together in the evenings & on weekends was to a healthy family. I was always gone last term. As soon as Landon walked in the door, I had to either leave for class or lab, or to study. Weekends I was gone from morning until night. It was crazy, and extremely intense. I wasn't too much fun to be around, due to all the stress of the term. I was so determined, though, and wanted to finish. Unforunately, I had to come to the realization along with Landon that the sacrifices that were made for my ambition to pursue nursing school were too great, and I was left with little choice but to drop out for the sake of my family.

You can imagine what a difficult decision this was for me. The night we made the decision, I felt like I didn't know what my next step would be. If nursing didn't work out, should I pursue another path in the meantime, or should I focus on family & not supplement my life right now with other goals and ambitions? I felt like I was up against a wall, and unsure of where to go next.

Well, there was a higher plan in all of this. The next day, I had the answer I needed, which not only solidified the decision to postpone nursing school, but showed me what the next step in my life journey would be.

See tomorrow's entry for more details.


I'm Back!

Friday, March 23, 2007
I haven't posted in over a month! I've been studying like crazy pretty much every spare moment, but the final grade in the GPA killer of a class was an A, so in the end, the hard work paid off. Unfortunately, everything else in my life, including this blog, and even my friends, had to take a backseat. I hardly ever saw Landon, and didn't get to spend evenings & weekends with Samuel (and Landon), which was pretty rough. There were nights I just didn't want to study, but I made myself, and now it's all over...for one week, then it'll be another 10 weeks of HARD WORK. There is 3 Anatomy & Physiology classes in the series, and when I'm through with those, the hardest part of this journey to become a nurse will be complete. I'm thinking about possibly taking a break from A & P for the summer, taking an easier prerequisite like Nutrition or Statistics instead, then finishing the 3rd in the sequence in the fall. There are two reasons why I might do this: 1) It would give me more time to spend doing fun summer stuff with Landon & Samuel, and 2) The summer classes are accelerated, and with a class like A & P, taking it accelerated seems like it might be too much.

We're heading to the San Juan Islands for spring break, and we could all use the rest & relaxation. I'll be sure to post blog entries about our trip with pictures.

One of the reasons why there has been a lack of pictures on this blog & on Samuel's is that my Mac's program iphoto, runs so incredibly slow, and I haven't found another program that will run faster & is compatible with my Mac as of yet. Any suggestions, mac users & readers of my blog?

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