Worst Day of the Year Ride

Sunday, February 11, 2007
Landon did the Worst Day ride for the first time this year sans me, but he took Samuel with him in the Burley. They had a great time. I dropped them off, studied, then went and picked them up. It was an 18 mile route around Portland with hot chili at the finish line. Landon said there were many stops, and great support. Definitely a ride for our list. I was sorry to miss out this year, but I have a mid-term on Wednesday, and my quiz on the appendicular skeleton tomorrow night.

Samuel's party was so fun. He had a great time, and he's happy to be two. We got him balloons & a Bert balloon as well. He received several nice presents from his friends that came to the party, and he has been happily entertaining himself with them ever since. He's a special boy, and we've had the best two years with him, and look forward to the many years to come.



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