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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
I've been working on memorizing the appendicular skeleton & all its special features the past couple of days. Last night, I was at the library studying the bones from the bone box on reserve there, and plan to do the same Thursday night. This morning, I put in a couple of hours of sheer memorization of the pelvic girdle & scapular bones. I have a test on the entire appendicular skeleton next Monday and a midterm in lecture on Wednesday, so this is going to be a crazy study week for me. Every groove & bump on the bone has a name, and it's all game for the quiz. We have one week to learn the appendicular skeleton, then we have to turn around and memorize the axial skeleton next week, and after that we get to move onto the scores of muscles. It's going to be a really busy 5 weeks for me--I'm already looking forward to finals & spring break. I just hope I don't burn out before then! I keep reminding myself to have fun with this--after all, I'm committing the next two to three years to study! I'm working on finding the balance between taking this seriously enough to get the grades I want so I can actually get into a nursing program, but not take it so seriously that the rest of my life falls to pieces in the meantime. Life is all about balance, right?

Samuel is going to be two on Saturday, and his train table arrived yesterday, so we set it up for him. I wanted it to be up for his little party Saturday morning. He loves it! It's a Nilo model. I will post pictures on his blog http://www.samuelkuhn.blogspot.com/ later this afternoon.

I've been drinking lots of iced vanilla lattes. This great coffee shop opened up this past fall in our neighborhood, and their coffee is excellent, and it's a great place to study, because they have big classroom-size tables, quiet environment, and an open & roomy shop. I also found another coffee shop on the east side that renders all the same features, although they have an added bonus of being open until 11pm during the week & 12am on Friday & Saturdays! I'm frequenting that shop quite often these days.

Yesterday, Samuel and I went for a short walk & he collected sticks along the way. It was nice to get out & enjoy the fresh air & the warmer weather that proves spring is on the way.

I'm looking forward to spring break. We're not sure where we will go, but we are planning on taking a family vacation that week. Any recommendations for family-friendly spring-break vacation destinations on the west coast? Please make your suggestions in the comment section below! We're open to flying.

I can already tell this year is going to fly by. Feb. 7th already? Crazy!



The Ferriter Family said...

Hey I just wanted to say that for my osteology classes what I ended up doing is getting a poster of all the bones and ligaments from a store that supplied teaching supplies. Sounds strange but it was laminated and a great study tool...and I put it in front of the toilet, and then in the kitchen (basically anywhere I could hang it on the wall). I'll look at it and see if there is a web site. Good luck in your studies.

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