Ripped Off

Sunday, January 28, 2007
All this time spent in public studying with my valuables strewn about & something was bound to get stolen sooner or later. I was in the bathroom for a couple of minutes on Saturday night at PSU, and when I returned, my old classic cell phone was gone. It could have been my purse. I know, I know, you never leave valuables when you leave your study table, right? I don't like packing everything up when I'm only going to be gone a couple of minutes. Well, after tonight, I learned my lesson. I'll at least pack up my purse & electronics. I can't pack up all my books & papers, though. If someone wants those heavy books, at least they won't make it very far--they're heavy!

Everyone needs to e-mail me your digits! Unfortunately, I didn't keep numbers written down on paper--they were all in my cell phone.

My new cell is nice, but I was unable to find a non-flip. I really like the solid cells from the mid-nineties. The ones they make now are so small & complicated. No, I don't need my phone to play music, take moving videos, or carry a keyboard for e-mail. I use my phone to make CALLS, I have a CAMERA for video/pictures, and an IMAC for e-mail. I'm not an all-in-one kind of girl unless it comes to Fred Meyer, in which case, I do like one-stop shop. I don't need my cell phone to be a computer, camera, ipod, and phone all in one. Too much pressure for just one device!



Cornils said...

Hi Karli,

I got the scoot about for Daniel at Fred Meyer actually. The wagon mom and dad got for him for Christmas.

Wow Samuel is 2!? that's just crazy!

Claudia said...

I totally agree Karli!! I hate the "all-in-one" phones now days!! I just want a plain "cell phone!!"

Haha-- Karli- do I sound a little bit like Grandma!??

Anonymous said...

I agree with you! I just want a "cell phone to call" not all of the other stuff!

HaHa~~Karli, do I sound like Grandma??!!

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