Tuesday, January 30, 2007
I struggle with test anxiety despite being well-prepared for tests. I felt pretty anxious all day yesterday about my quiz in lab on histology. I finally went online & read a little about test anxiety. Rational test anxiety is from lack of preparation. Otherwise, test anxiety is irrational, and often leads to poor performance, despite being well-prepared. Recommendations were to not study right before the exam, do not hang around students before the exam that might increase your anxiety due to their lack of preparation, and to always reward yourself after an exam. I followed the web-based advice, and stopped studying several hours before the exam, avoided students before the test, and tried to focus on other things besides my anxiety. I ended up getting 100% on the exam, and even got the bonus question. As for my reward, I decided I would buy an iced decaf vanilla latte on my way home last night, but I was 5 minutes too late--Starbucks was closed! Anyway, my performance last night will hopefully increase my confidence & decrease my anxiety. And rewards--test taking might actually start to be fun! --Karli


Amy said...

Congrats on the exam!! - Ben & Amy

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