Late Nights

Friday, January 26, 2007

Late nights are common in my life these days. 11:30pm is my new stop-study time. Next week, I'm going to have to push it up to 12am to cover & retain this material. I really miss out on family time in the evenings & weekends now that this class has consumed all my free time. Fortunately, I'm still with Samuel all day, and I try to reserve studying for evenings & weekends. Usually, I also study in the afternoons during his nap. Tonight I worked on wrapping up the Integumentary chapter, and moved on into Bone Histology. I found a quieter coffee shop closer to home that's opened until 11pm, and 12am on Fridays. I spent an hour and a half at one coffee shop, then when they closed, found this other one & stayed there for a few more hours. I'm sure the staff there will know me on a first name basis in a few weeks. I'm nervous about my quiz on Monday, which will be identifying 25 histology slides (epithelial, connective tissue, cartilage, & bone). There is a perk to all of this--I get to drink lots of coffee! Right now, I'm enjoying iced vanilla lattes. At night, I order them half-caf.


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