Wednesday, January 03, 2007
After spending 45 minutes fighting traffic to pick Landon up from work so we could head to Salem for his gig with Nancy, I realized I forgot his fiddle...and his medicine...and his sweater. I was supposed to bring three things, and forgot all three. I do have an excuse. After Samuel woke up from his nap, he threw a 30 minute tantrum. Kicking, screaming, crying...very dramatic. It got stressful at one point when I realized we were actually going to be late if I didn't get him changed, fed, and dressed. Well, I was unable to curb his enthusiasm, so to speak, so what usually takes 5 minutes took me well over 30. It was pretty stressful. Finally, we were out to the car and on our way. 45 minutes later I was a bit stressed from traffic congestion, and was pulling into the parking lot of Landon's employer. Then I realized...I forgot his fiddle. We had to go all the way back home. Landon never gave me the slightest guilt trip. I almost cried. I usually don't forget things & am on top of my game, but under the circumstances of Samuel's behavior, I knew why I forgot. Most people would.
We made it to Salem a little late, but the backroom for those that were with the band was well stocked with pepperoni pizza, and Samuel made a friend, and the night turned out alright after all.


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