Saturday, January 06, 2007
What a special day--my 30th birthday!
I received an oil painting by Patti Mali that I pointed out to Landon at her December art show, and he thoughtfully remembered & bought it for me! We dined at Fratelli in the Pearl, which we dined at once before for an anniversary several years ago. I had the best truffle oil infused cauliflower soup ever. Every bite was so delicious I could have been in Heaven and not known the difference. The bruschetta was insanely good as well. I chose ravioli and Landon had fettucine with crab. So good! Earlier in the day, we spent time walking in NW, browsed Everyday Music and picked up Nellie McKay's albums--if you haven't checked her out, her songs are excellent. Each one is its own treasure. A prodigy of an artist! Got some fun t-shirts on sale at The Gap. Dined at a Patisserie & I had a delicious croque sandwich with portabello mushrooms. I'm excited to enter my thirties, especially with some new goals established.


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