Sunday, December 10, 2006
Landon and Mike were finishing the work-bench today, so I watched Samuel all day, and went to get our weekly groceries sans Landon. We're starting to get our groceries now at New Seasons. I love that store! Last week, Samuel broke the Christmas ornament I was buying from there, and they gave me the broken one as well as let us pick out another one. The broken one only had a small crack, so we basically got two ornaments for the price of one. They were owls...Samuel's favorite bird right now! We're getting our free-range turkey from New Seasons this year. I'm going to make an apple & herb stuffing to go with it.

This evening I also hung up some of the wood figures Samul's great-grandpa Paul has made for him the past two years. I got Samuel's decorative light-switch cover hung, touched up some paint in his room, and hung up his hooks from our old house down low so he can learn to hang his own towel & coats up. Felt good about getting these things done, as they've been hanging over my head for about six months now.


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